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It might be the fact that you are contemplating on touring Singapore this year and for that, you need to rent private vehicles. Renting a private car will provide you with flexibility as well as freedom while traveling in this country. However, this can also add some complications to your tour and you need to find out the best deal so as to avoid any worry while traveling. Below we have mentioned 6 tips on getting private car rental Singapore.

1.Selecting the vehicle

Try to figure out exactly what type of vehicle you will need. In case you are traveling with your kids, you might like to go for a big sedan or SUV. However, the smaller models will be appropriate if you would like to save money on gas and rental rates.

2.Finding the proper car rental company in Singapore

It will be prudent to request your travel agent to find the appropriate car rental company for the trip. Apart from saving you the time for calling several different car rental companies, the travel agent can also assist in finding the best rate as well as vehicle for you.

3.The cost of private car rental Singapore

Car rental companies in Singapore usually charge 4 types of basic rates: a daily rate along with a mileage fee; a daily rate along with a restricted number of free miles each day; a daily rate along with unrestricted mileage; and a rate which has free mileage for an extended time frame. Moreover, the rates are going to vary depending on the style and size of the vehicle as well.

4.Comprehending your rental

Make it a point to go through the terms and conditions meticulously prior to confirming your reservation in case you prefer to book online. While booking over the phone, it would be sensible to enquire the agent regarding any restriction.

5.Hidden fees

While renting a private vehicle in Singapore, it is imperative to be aware of the hidden rental fees as well as additional charges. This will help you to make sensible decisions while renting the car.

6.Returning the car

In most cases, the rates are based on a 24-hour period while a 1 hour grace period is allowed for returning the car. However, if you happen to keep the car for more than 4 hours beyond the stipulated deadline, it would be better to extend your contract for one more day.


There are lots of private car rental companies in Singapore and one of them happens to be the reputed BizLink Rent-A-Car about whom you will find all the required information by visiting Renting a private car in Singapore is definitely a great way to explore this wonderful country, and keep in mind the above-mentioned private car rental Singapore tips so as to keep your journey peaceful as well as hassle-free.